Solarfied.com Premium Domain Names FOR SALE!

Solarfied.com domain name for sale.

Use the form below to submit your bid.

If your bid is accepted:

  1. You will receive a response that your bid has been accepted within 72 hours.
  2. Payment Method
    1. If you choose Credit Card, PayPal, ACH (US only), or Wire Transfer for payment method, Escrow.com will be used to securely transfer domain names. Buyer pays all Escrow.com fee’s and payment transaction fee’s.
    2. If you choose BitCoin
      1. A PDF contract will be sent for your digital signature using Docusign.com.
      2. After the contract has been signed an invoice will be sent from OpenNode.com that has officially and legally identified the me, the owner of the domain and my business, BitsVital. Buyer pays all transaction fees. OpenNode has a 1% transaction fee.
      3. After payment has been made ‘AND’ six (6) blockchain confirmations has occured the domain will be ready to transfer.
      4. After the six (6) blockchain confirmations the domain will be unlocked and the transfer authorization code will be sent by email. At that point you will be able to transfer the domain to your preferred domain register. Buyer pays all domain transfer fees.

If your bid is denied

  1. If your bid is denied you will receive a single email within 72 hours of bid submission stating ‘Denied’. You’re welcome to return to solarfied.com and place a newer, higher bid.

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